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Building an e-commerce website is a challenging task. As a business owner, you have to seek the expert opinion about the development process and how much it costs in India. An expert developer will know how to handle development procedures professionally. Likewise, you have to build an e-commerce website without any hassles. Hence, it will reflect the tone and voice of your brand as well. So, in this guide, you can get everything about building an e-commerce website and its costs as well.

Steps In Developing An E-Commerce Website:


Of course, developers are now keen on understanding the requirements effectively. To make it precise and budget-friendly, the Scalenow team is now developing e-commerce websites professionally. So, below are the steps that experts carefully handle.

● Project Discovery:

At first, the e-commerce developers from Scalenow will handle everything based on the project discovery. It tells about accurate research and notices the requirements, goals, and target audience. There should be a clear understanding between the client and the offshore team. So, this is a basic step in building an e-commerce website in India.

● Planning:

Now, the Scalenow team is ready to plan and execute for approval. Based on the client's needs, an expert team may create a portfolio and roadmap for their project execution. As a result, it will explain useful resources that are useful for building an e-commerce website.

● Design:

In this development process, we will design UX and UI, which are created and designed by the expert team. So the team will effectively communicate with clients and get approval. Thus, the needs or vision of the client will depend on the unique design as well.

● Development:

Of course, building an e-commerce website will create a good roadmap in the development process. Hence, Scalenow e-commerce developers can write code and are beneficial in handling projects. With the client's approval, the development process takes only an average time. On a regular basis, client satisfaction is vital for developing an e-commerce website.

● Testing:

After the development process, it is time to test the apps and website, which run effectively as per the client's instruction. So, an expert developer will understand the requirements and notice the importance. They have to solve the performance issues completely.

● Deployment:

Building or developing an e-commerce website takes the deployment process effectively. Of course, the Scalenow team is ready to discover the duty offshore to handle deployment methods for e-commerce websites.

● Maintenance And Support:

Finally, the process that is completed successfully must get maintenance and support. Don’t worry! The Scalenow team is always professional in doing proper maintenance and support for e-commerce websites. Hence, it is a must to maintain websites regularly without any hassles.

Things To Consider Before Developing An Ecommerce Website

These are as follows:

● Consider Hiring A Web Developer

Of course, most e-commerce website developers give the option to hire an expert team. But, at Scalenow company, we are always there for you to make it happen through a time-saving process. The expert team of developers is there to evaluate the site designs and meet the services professionally.

● Catalog Your Domain And Choose A Hosting Service

Hosting service is a must as it will maintain your website URL and address, respectively. As a result, Scalenow is always ready to register the domain and host completely. It is essential to maintain server space, and data will reside completely. It includes the monthly fee to maintain a website with domain registration and web hosting.

● Design Your E-Commerce Website

The Scalenow team is always ready to offer themes and templates for websites. Thus, an expert designer is motivational and fulfills your demands professionally. It allows them to pre-built modules on each page and customize the checkout experience.

● List Your Products And Services

Once your website template is ready from Scalenow, you can add products and services. Of course, developers will place or update photos from angels and showcase them to the customers. Hence, it includes product descriptions and adds answers with a personal touch. So, it will help customers to understand the dimensions of your product.

How Much Does It Cost To Create An E-Commerce Website?

At first, creating an e-commerce website design does not have very expensive rates. However, it allows you to build a simple yet enhanced designer to develop. To get started, the Scalenow team is charging only budget-friendly packages for e-commerce website development.

A basic plan has INR 60,000 to INR 100000 approximately in India for e-commerce website development. But at Scalenow, we have only limited price offers, which cut down additional costs for development hosting.


Finally, now you are clear about how to build an e-commerce website and its costs in India. Of course, Scalenow is always engaging in developing e-commerce websites professionally. However, the services from this team are always expertise and handle marketing strategies. Thus, you can easily determine the products via full pledge customer service from the Scalenow team.