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Welcome to Scalenow, where we specialize in helping companies like yours propel their success through unparalleled ROI, targeted visitor growth, and the ultimate potential of paid advertising.

Our Core Competencies

Dedicated Team

We understand the importance of integrating all Google platforms to fuel your company's growth. That's why our dedicated account manager, alongside our team of experts, works closely with you to ensure the highest ROI for your ad budget.

Complete Control

Your company's ROI is our ultimate goal, and we achieve it by utilizing the most advanced tools and techniques available. Our team of professionals ensures the success of your PPC campaigns, driving your business to new heights.

Copy Writing Mastery

When it comes to online selling, every word matters. Our in-house creative team excels in crafting catchy titles, engaging descriptions, and selecting the perfect keywords that tap into human psychology. Compelling words are the secret to inspiring action, and we've got you covered.

Timely Reports

Stay informed every step of the way with detailed reports throughout your campaign. Armed with comprehensive information on ad spend, impressions, click-through rates, search terms, and negative keywords, you can optimize your campaigns for maximum ROI.

Services we offer for your business

Need to boost search engine visibility? We've got you covered!

For optimum online visibility, we provide superior Paid Search Services such as Google PPC, display marketing, and dynamic remarketing.

Google Pay Per Click (PPC)

We leverage Google's extensive network to present your brand to your target market precisely when they're ready to engage. From clever bidding strategies to meticulously targeted keywords, our Google PPC campaigns drive valuable traffic to your website, maximizing ROI and elevating your online visibility to unprecedented levels.

Display Marketing

Capture the attention of your audience with visually stunning display marketing. Our creative team crafts captivating multimedia content and eye-catching banner ads that represent your company excellently. With strategic ad placements across various channels, your message will reach potential customers, encouraging consideration of your business.

Dynamic Remarketing

Don't let potential customers slip away! With dynamic remarketing, we re-engage previous website visitors by displaying personalized ads tailored to their interests and actions. From abandoned carts to specific product exploration, our targeted approach brings them back to your site, increasing conversion rates and fueling growth.

Our Process

1. In-Depth Research

Embark on your PPC campaign with confidence as we delve into thorough research to understand your brand and its ultimate goals. From competitor analysis to keyword research, goal setting, and much more, we leave no stone unturned.

2. Professional Optimization

Harness the true potential of your campaign with our expertise in comprehensive optimization. Our areas of focus include A/B split testing, keyword expansion, addition of negative keywords, meticulous ad monitoring, and fine-tuning landing page optimization.

3. Keep Track

Transparency is the key to success, which is why we provide you with detailed reports that track each step of your campaign and its performance. Armed with real numbers, you can make strategic decisions and draw mathematical conclusions to drive your business forward.

4. E-Commerce Marketing

In the booming e-commerce industry, success lies in the ability to take advantage of platforms like Amazon and Flipkart. Scalenow creates and optimizes campaigns specifically tailored for these marketplaces, skyrocketing your sales and online presence.

5. Test

Our QA experts ensure the highest quality and error-free solution by rigorously testing the system from various points, assuring the solution must pass all the standards for performance and quality. It includes unit testing, integration testing, performance testing, and end-to-end testing of built solutions.

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Answering FAQs
Question 1. What are the primary goals of Scalenowtech's Paid Search Services?
Answer. Scalenowtech's Paid Search Services are dedicated to painstakingly optimising every aspect of their digital advertising campaigns, meticulously directing efforts towards achieving unrivalled ROI through strategic excellence and data-driven perfection.
Question 2. What is the major goal of Scalenowtech's Google PPC campaigns?
Answer. The primary goal of Scalenowtech's Google PPC campaigns is to carefully send high-quality traffic to their website, encouraging more interaction and educate clients on what it means to have true product expertise.
Question 3. What services does Scalenowtech provide through dynamic remarketing?
Answer. Scalenowtech uses a dynamic remarketing technique to provide bespoke advertising based on the consumer's interests and previous interactions, resulting in a personalised and engaging user experience.