Search-Engine Optimisation

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For excellent Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services, turn to ScaleNow Technosolutions. As the top company in India for search engine optimisation, we take pleasure in our expertise and dedication to delivering outstanding results. Our knowledgeable SEO staff is dedicated to enhancing your online visibility and boosting organic website traffic. With our customised SEO services, we serve businesses in all sectors and sizes in Kolkata. You can maintain an advantage in the mobile-first environment by using our expert mobile SEO agency services. You can rely on us to raise your website's ranking, make it more visible, and assist you in realising the full potential of your online business.

Our Core Competencies

ROI Driven SEO Strategy

Our ROI-driven SEO strategy service combines advanced keyword research, technical optimization, and data-driven analysis to enhance your website's visibility, attract targeted traffic, and deliver measurable return on investment for your business

White Hat SEO Techniques

We offer white hat SEO techniques that are in line with Google's Webmaster Guidelines. Our techniques include creating high-quality content, optimising your website for relevant keywords, and building natural backlinks.

On Page & Off Page SEO

We offer on-page and off-page SEO services that help you improve your website's ranking in search engines.

Web Analytics

With astute data insights, our Web Analytics fuel the digital marketing flame, Igniting growth strategies, optimising performance, and reaching new acclaim.

Legitimate Source of Organic Traffic

Unlocking the organic realm, our SEO prowess reveals a legitimate source, Generating quality traffic, from search engines, with unwavering force. We do this by optimising your website for relevant keywords, creating high-quality content, and building quality backlinks.

Organic Page Views

We offer SEO activities that help you increase your website's organic page views. Nurturing the digital soil, our SEO activities sow seeds of organic delight, Harvesting bountiful page views, cultivating growth with every click's flight.

New Website Visitors

We offer SEO services that help you attract new website visitors from search engines. Our SEO activities are designed to help you improve your website's ranking in search engines, so that more people can find your website and become new visitors.

Returning Visitors

With SEO's allure, we create a virtual magnetic attraction, Drawing returning visitors, fostering loyalty and satisfaction.

Organic Leads from Website

We help you generate organic leads from your website. From the digital soil, our SEO expertise cultivates a fertile ground, Nurturing organic leads, a harvest of prospects that abound.

Monthly SEO Report

We provide monthly SEO reports that track your progress and identify areas for improvement. With precision and clarity, our Monthly SEO Report unveils Insights and metrics, guiding your digital strategy without fail.

Services we offer for your business

Want to generate more traffic to your website? We know how.

Don't risk losing potential customers due to poor ranking and limited online visibility. Relax and leave it to Scalenow Techsolutions. Our efficient SEO strategies ensure that your business thrives, gaining more consumers and increasing your online visibility.

Global SEO

As a specialized mobile SEO agency, we leverage innovative SEO tactics, advanced marketing strategies, and top-notch content marketing to boost your business’s ranking in the targeted countries. Stay ahead in the mobile-centric landscape and reach your audience effectively with our expert services.

Local SEO

As an SEO company in India, we ensure your business ranks first in local searches, boosting online visibility.

National SEO

With our highly skilled and professional team at mobile SEO, we possess extensive knowledge of the current market trends. Partner with us, we will propel your business to become a national leader swiftly by optimizing your mobile presence.

E-Commerce Marketing

Swiftly drive traffic to your eCommerce store with our innovative SEO strategy as a top search engine optimization company in India.

Guest Posting

Elevate organic traffic and establish your brand industry leaders through niche-relevant guest posts with our specialized SEO packages in Kolkata

App-Store Optimisation

Experience a surge in app downloads through our exceptional mobile app marketing services. Our unique strategies are designed to boost visibility, attract more users, and drive organic installations, ensuring your app reaches its full potential in the competitive market.

Our Process

1. Discovery

We begin our engagement in this step by thoroughly understanding your business needs, determining your scope and vision, and doing a requirement analysis. We validate your concept and document the necessary specs.

2. Design

Software developers will define and visualise your solution at this phase. It contains technical information, flow charts, schematics, and prototypes. It converts your requirements into an implementable model while keeping critical factors in mind.

3. Build

Teams construct actual software that complies with technical and functional requirements. Here, developers use best practises and accepted coding standards to implement the solution with the suggested features and modules.

4. Deliver

The software is currently packaged and installed in the production environment. Infrastructure provisioning and upkeep requirements are necessary during this phase. Developers will offer maintenance and support after deployment while taking user comments into account.

5. Test

By extensively evaluating the system from a variety of angles, our QA professionals ensure the highest quality and error-free solution. They also ensure that the solution must meet all performance and quality standards. It comprises testing constructed solutions end-to-end as well as unit, integration, performance, and performance testing.

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Answering FAQs
Question 1. What is the main purpose of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?
Answer. SEO is a tactic to increase a website's online presence and produce more organic traffic by ranking higher on search engines.
Question 2. Can ScaleNow Technosolutions help with local search engine optimisation?
Answer. ScaleNow Technosolutions' "Local SEO" service promotes businesses in local searches. By putting this strategic strategy into action, online exposure is increased, resulting in better rankings and more local customer interaction.
Question 3. What are some efficient SEO techniques for keyword optimization of your website?
Answer. An important component of optimizing your website for keywords is on-page SEO. By optimizing content, meta information, and HTML elements, the goal is to increase search engine exposure and keyword relevancy.
Question 4. What Is an SEO Audit?
Answer. An SEO audit is the process of evaluating how well your website is optimised for search engines. It identifies errors that can prevent your site from ranking well and opportunities that can help you rank better.
Question 5. What does ScaleNow Technosolutions provide in their monthly SEO reports?
Answer. Data on website ranking, traffic, and backlinks, Keywords ranking, total traffic returning users, total sessions, organic traffic, organic sessions, organic returning users, device traffic, website traffic from top 10 cities, top 10 pages, domain blog posted on website, social bookmarking, image submission